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Seo-Young Cho

I am currently research professor of the Korea-Europe Center at the Free University of Berlin (FU-Berlin) in Germany. 

As an empirical economist, I am specialized in gender, institutional, and development economics and have done extensive research on Korean economy, society, and culture. My research themes include: gender, Millennials, migration, the Korean Wave and fandom, innovation and entrepreneurship, inclusive growth, and social capital in Korea.

My research is also extended to the other tiger economies in East Asia, as well as global studies. Moreover, I am interested in developing methodology for systematic research in Korean studies as interdisciplinary area studies.

My work has appeared in various international peer-reviewed journals in economics, social sciences, and Korean and Asia studies (see the list below). I have also completed a number of research projects supported by the European Commision, the German Research Foundation (DFG), and the Academy of Korean Studies .

Prior to my current post, I was Aigner-Rollett guest professor of gender studies at Karl-Franzens University of Graz in Austria (2020-2021), junior professor (assistant professor) of economics at Philipps-University of Marburg in Germany (2013-2019), senior researcher at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW-Berlin) (2012-2013), and doctoral and post-doctoral researcher in economics at Georg-August University of Goettingen (2008-2012). 

I received my doctorate in Economics from Georg-August University of Goettingen in Germany and master's degree in Public Affairs from Columbia University in New York in the U.S. 

  • Contact: Seo-Young Cho (email:

    Korea-Europe Center, IKS, Freie Universität Berlin, Otto-von-Simson Str. 11, 14195 Berlin, Germany         

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Working Papers

Current and Recent Research Projects

  • Project Leader, Project on An Experimental and Integrative Analysis of North Korean Refugees' Gender and Ethnic Identities (2019, financed by the Academy of Korean Studies Fellowship)
  • Project Leader, Project on Gender-role Models, Gender-matching Environments, and Female Leadership in South Korea (2018-2019, financed by the German Research Foundation/DFG)
  • Project Leader, Project on Female Labor and Gender Discrimination in STEM Fields (2017-2018, financed by Ingrid-2 Project, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • Project Leader, Project on Gender Differences in Social Capital in the Cyber-space (2017, financed by EUROLAB, GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, Köln, Germany)
  • Co-project Leader, Project on Irregular Flow of Female Migrants: an Interdisciplinary & Cross-country Study (2016-2017, financed by German Academic Exchange Service/DAAD Australia-Germany Research Cooperation Scheme, in collaboration with Dr. Natalia Szablewska, Southern Cross University, Australia)
  • Consultant, European Commission Tender: Study on Prevention Initiatives on Trafficking in Human beings (2014-2015)
  • Consultant, EU-Project on Tools for the Validation and Utilisation of EU Statistics on Human Trafficking (2012-2014, Project leader: Tilburg University)
  • Senior Researcher, BMBF (German Gov't) Project on A System of Economic Indicators to Measure Security and Security Provision in Germany (April 2012-March 2013, Project leader: DIW-Berlin)
  • Principal Investigator, EU-Project on Indexing Trafficking in Human Beings (Feb. 2010-March 2012, Project leader: University of Goettingen)

Current and Recent Course Offering 

Free University of Berlin (since 2020)

  • Methods for Korean Studies (Methoden der Koreastudien, Master, WS 2020/21 & SoSe 2021)
  • Research Methods for Korean Studies (PhD Methodology Workshop, Summer 2020 & 2021)

University of Graz (WS 2020/21)

  • Gender and Migration in Globalization
  • Gender Economics
  • Integrative Methods for Gender Research
University of Tübingen (SoSe 2020)
  • Korean Economy and Policy (Bachelor)       
  • Social Capital and Contemporary Korean Society (Master)

University of Marburg (2013-2019)

Introduction to Empirical Economic Research (Econometrics), Empirical Institutional Economics, Empirical Economic Research on Gender, as well as seminars on Asian Economic Development, Globalization, Migration, and Crime. 

 Research Visits

Other Professional Commitments


Source of the Map: Cho, Seo-Young,  Human Trafficking, Germany only Average when it comes to Protecting Victims, DIW Economic Bulletin vol. 2, Nov. 2012

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